Dr.ir. J. (Joost) le Feber

Assistant professor
Building: Technohal
Room: 3382
Phone: +31 53 489 2786
E-mail: j.lefeber@utwente.nl

General information

Joost le Feber received the MSc in electrical engineering at Delft University and a PhD from the Medical Faculty at Erasmus University Rotterdam. His current research focuses on connectivity, plasticity, and excitability in (cultured) neuronal networks, aiming to bridge the gap between cellular neurophysiology and cognitive processes.

Research interests

Cultured neuronal networks can be grown over a multi electrode array to observe activity in a number of neurons. Developing networks show spontaneous activity in certain patterns. They also react to electrical stimulation, which enables some kind of learning. The underlying mechanisms are investigated by developing models to describe the networks. Le Feber’s work belongs to the research theme "neurotechnology and cellular engineering" of the BSS group.

Teaching responsibilities


Publications by J. Le Feber (EEMCS)