P. (Pauline) van Gils

(External) PhD candidate Pauline van Gils 
Building: Maastricht Clinic
Room: 3th floor
Phone: +31 53 489 1116
Email: cw.vangils@student.maastrichtuniversity.nl


After I finished the bachelor in psychology, I followed the research master Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience specialized in psychopathology at Maastricht University. During this master I learned to conduct research and to look at disorders from a biopsychosocial perspective. My interest in neuropsychology was rediscovered during the clinical internship at the medical psychology department. Here I worked with patients with neurological problems such as brain injury, CVA, and Parkinson’s disease.  Currently I started working as a PhD student at both the CNPH group in Twente, and the EHL group in Maastricht on a project to develop an intervention to decrease cognitive problems in patients who survived a cardiac arrest.

Research interests

During my studies I developed a great interest in the relationship between behavior and the brain, and how to influence this relationship through interventions. The kind of interventions that peak my interest are technological ones such as neuromodulation, brain computer interface and neurofeedback. My goal is to develop new interventions that can improve the lives of people with psychological or neurological problems.