N. (Nina) Doorn MSc

PhD Candidate Nina Doorn
Building: Technohal, room: TL3384
Mail: n.doorn-1@utwente.nl
Phone: +31 53 489 7068


In 2019, I received my bachelor’s degree in Technical Medicine at the University of Twente. I then continued at Twente with a master's in Biomedical Engineering. During the program, I most enjoyed mathematical and computer science subjects. Moreover, neuroscience sparked my interest. Therefore, in 2021, I performed my master thesis at the CNPH group, developing computational models of neuronal networks in order to unravel certain mechanisms of epilepsy. Afterward, I did an internship at the Laboratory for Cognitive and Computational neuroscience in Madrid, where my passion for computational modeling in neuroscience was enhanced. In 2022 I received my master’s degree, and I decided that I wanted to continue exploring my passion for neuroscience.


Although I am interested in most neuroscience-related subjects, from data analysis to brain-on-a-chip, what gets me most excited is computational modeling. During my PhD, I will employ computational models of the brain at different anatomical scales, together with brain-on-a-chip technologies, to find out more about neurodevelopmental disorders.