M. (Marlous) Verhulst

(External) PhD candidate Marlous Verhulst 
Phone: +31 (0) 53 489 1116
Email: m.m.l.h.verhulst@utwente.nl


I started studying Technical Medicine at the University of Twente in 2012 and finished my master’s degree in 2020, in the track “Medical Sensing and Stimulation”. During my graduation project at the department of Neurology at Rijnstate Hospital, I evaluated the additional value of structural MRI measures, in addition to the EEG, to predict neurological outcome of comatose patients after cardiac arrest. After receiving my master’s degree Technical Medicine, I started working as a PhD student in the Clinical Neurophysiology department and Rijnstate Hospital.


During my graduation project I developed great interest in neurological outcome prediction in patients after cardiac arrest. In my project, we will identify remaining brain damage and aim to predict subsequent cognitive and functional outcome of patients after cardiac arrest based on early multidisciplinary screening, EEG and MRI.