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J. (Julia) Pottkämper MSc

PhD Student
Julia Pottkämper
Building: Technohal
Room: 3385
Phone: +31 534894051/1116


I started studying Psychology in 2012 and finished my first master’s degree in Clinical Psychology in 2016. In the end of January 2019 I plan to finish my master’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience, in the track ‘Plasticity and Memory’. My first master’s thesis examined the role of expectancy effects in the Approach-Avoidance task. During my clinical internship, I worked at a rehabilitation clinic with patients suffering from substance abuse disorder(s). I enjoyed the clinical work very much, but also noticed my interest for neuroscientific measures. My second master’s thesis investigated the role of REM sleep in relation to implicit negative memory processing. Next year, after I graduate, I will start my PhD in the Clinical Neurophysiology department with prof. dr. van Putten and dr. Hofmeijer. The project I will investigate is about systematically studying and resolving the post-ictal state of epilepsy in depressed patients receiving electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).

Research interests   

 During my two master’s degrees, I had the opportunity to acquire a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge about different fields in clinical psychology and neuroscience. That said I am very interested in psychopathology, sleep and memory processes, animal research, and epilepsy. My primary goal is to combine clinical psychology and neuroscience in my PhD. I will combine MRI and EEG measures to investigate the post-ictal state in epilepsy. I look forward to this challenging and exciting project.