S. (Stanley) Pham


Former master student
Stanley Pham 
Email: s.d.t.pham@student@utwente.nl
Phone: +31 53 489 4051


Hello! My name is Stanley and I was born on the 14th of September 1996. My parents hail from Vietnam but I have lived almost my entire life in Enschede. Growing up here has given me ample opportunities to develop myself in ways I would not have gotten anywhere else. Over the years I developed great interest in medicine, science, and mathematics. So, it was an easy decision for me to enrol in the study Technical Medicine at the University of Twente in 2014. During my university years I have further explored my passions in combining health care with technological innovations found through science. It was during these years that my passion and interest regarding the human brain were sparked. To me, the mystery surrounding the workings of our mind will always fascinate me. I am of the firm belief that new developments in the fields of computer science and technology, such as artificial intelligence, can provide us with more insight on how our brains work.


During my time in the Technical Medicine programme I have developed special interest for the population of comatose patients after cardiac arrest with post anoxic encephalopathy. More specifically, my interests lie in the prognostication of neurologic outcome of this population. In the intensive care unit of the Rijnstate hospital, this remains a difficult challenge, so we hope to make use of computer-based prediction tools to facilitate prognostication. My research will focus on optimising computer-based prediction tools such as mathematical models, machine learning algorithms, or deep learning networks, in order to work towards clinical implementation of a bedside prediction tool in the intensive care unit of the Rijnstate hospital.