S. (Simâo) Gonçalves Pereira

(Erasmus) Master Student
Building: Technohal, room TL 3185 
Phone: +31 53 489 1116
E-mail: simao.g.pereira@gmail.com


I was born in 1998 in Coimbra, a peaceful city in Portugal known for its university traditions. From a young age I was always curious about how things worked and human biology, but when I visited a research department at the university’s hospital and saw the backstage of a common PET scan, I was fascinated by the complexity of the procedures and the degree of optimization they required. A few years later I had little doubts when I chose Biomedical Engineering as my bachelor’s degree since it combines solving problems and improving people’s wellbeing.

Research interests   

My master’s area is instrument design, but I was looking forward for a chance to expand my comfort zone into Machine Learning, so I was very thankful for being able to do this and study abroad at the same time. During my master’s thesis I will be working in a machine learning algorithm to predict the outcome of mild traumatic brain injury, using EEG data and physiological signals.