N. (Nikolaos) Kikirikis

Master student
Building: Technohal, room 3185
Email: nkikirik@gmail.com
Phone:  +31 (0)6 39854081


Hi! My name is Nikos and I am a Greek student from Thessaloniki, born in 1996. I did my Bachelor in Physics at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with a specialization in Medical Physics. From my Bachelor I had the opportunity to see the application of physics in a broad range of fields however the medical field was the one which triggered me the most.  Thus, I decided to do my Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering (UT) and I am currently in the 2nd year elaborating my Master’s assignment in the Clinical Neurophysiology group.

Research interests 

My project will be a combination of wet-lab experiments on rat cortical neurons and dry-lab setups in which stimulation protocols will be carried out. Overall, I will test the neural network excitability, connectivity and memory trace formation of electrically stimulated rat cortical neurons, while they gain high background input by means of optogenetic stimulation. This project is oriented in understanding the basic mechanisms of memory formation in the brain and may constitute a way of gaining useful insight in corresponding diseases.