M. (Marloes) Thijs

Saxion bachelor student
Name: Marloes Thijs 
Building: TechMed Center, room TL 3185
Phone: +3153 489 1116
Email: 501822@student.saxion.nl


My name is Marloes, and I was born in 2000 in Doetinchem. I have been interested in biology from a young age, with a specific interest in human health. After high school, I started studying Biological Medical Analyst at RijnIJssel College in Arnhem and Nijmegen in 2016. During this study, I specialized in pathology throughout my internship at the histology department of the Rijnstate hospital in Arnhem. I discovered that I am interested in the origin and course of diseases and researching the human brain. After finishing my study in 2020, I started at Saxion University of Applied Sciences to study Biology and Medical Laboratory Research. Because I completed both my first and second year last academic year, I am currently in my third year. In the curriculum, neurobiology is barely covered, so I saw this internship as an opportunity to learn more about neurobiology. I am very excited about the Clinical Neurophysiology (CNPH) research group, and I look forward to the internship period and the assignment!

Research interests   

For my bachelor assignment, I will work for twenty weeks to determine the influence of different temperatures during hypoxia on neuronal networks derived from human-induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs). I will develop an immunocytochemical protocol to identify pre- and postsynaptic excitatory and inhibitory puncta. This protocol is ultimately needed to determine excitability by inhibitory and excitatory synaptic puncta.


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