A. (Ana Maria) Amaro de Sousa

Ana Maria Amaro de Sousa - Junior Researcher
Building: Technohal
Room:  TL 3384
Phone:  +31 (0)53 489 1116
(personal phone number: +351 926201260)
E-mail: a.m.amarodesousa@utwente.nl


I studied Bioengineering at the University of Porto from 2017 where I developed a growing taste for discovering how things work and finding solutions and strategies to solve problems. Where I also discover the importance of teamwork and how powerful the combination of different fields can be, it offers great opportunities to improve healthcare.

Over the years, I've enjoyed occasionally getting involved in projects to develop my skills, meet amazing people who have a lot to teach, and learn about state-of-the-art solutions in a variety of fields. Thus, I collaborated on projects with INESC Technology and Science Institute, in Porto, related to Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. In 2020 I joined the adventure and travelled to Netherlands for an internship at the CNPH group. This collaboration was so successful that a year later I decided to go back and develop my Master's Thesis at CNPH: “Learning to write a medical report from EEG data”. In these, I worked mainly in the development of solutions for the diagnosis of Epilepsy using Deep Learning and NLP techniques.

Research interests   

Although the projects I have been involved in are essentially related to Machine Learning and Deep Learning, my interests are very diverse. Innovation and how it can help people and healthcare is something I've always been passionate about. I'm particularly interested in artificial intelligence in general, but human-media interaction and robotics are some of my other interests.