I.A. (Inken Alina) Strate

Short Introduction

I.A. (Inken Alina) Strate
Master student
Building: Technohal, room TL 3385
Phone: +49 1520 4698346
Email: stratei@uni-muenster.de (UT address needs to be determined)

General information

Hello! I am Inken Alina, a German Master's student in Molecular Biomedicine at the University of Münster (Germany). I have always been fascinated by the intricate mechanisms that control the human body and the potential of medical advances to improve lives. My academic journey in the field of medicine began in 2015, when I started training as a medical-technical laboratory assistant at UKM Münster (Germany) after graduating from high school. This profound interest in medicine, coupled with curiosity about the underlying molecular processes, led me to pursue a path in biomedicine and so I decided to study Biology and Medical Laboratory Research at the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Nijmegen. The mix of theoretical knowledge, practical experience, and the chance to actively contribute to the advancements in medical science finally made me start a Master in Molecular Biomedicine in 2022. From my student job in the dermatological outpatient clinic for clinical trials in Bad Bentheim, Germany, I really appreciate working with/on patients, so I decided to complete a Master's project with a clinical aspect. I am joining the CNPH research group as an extern for one year until September 2024.

Research interests

During my master thesis I will focus on the analysis of biomarkers like serum neurofilament light chain or neuron-specific enolase in comatose patients after cardiac arrest or mild traumatic brain injury. The aim is to find out to what extent these parameters provide additional information to brain imaging and EEG recordings in order to be able to predict the neurological outcome of these patient groups. Furthermore, the temporal dynamics of biomarkers such as the serum neurofilament light chain are still unknown and therefore lend themselves to closer investigation.