R. (Robin) Kusters

Master student 
Building: Technohal, room TL 3385
Phone: +31 53 489 1116
Email: R.F.J.Kusters@utwente.nl


As I child I spent too much time in a hospital. After that I always wanted to become a doctor, but when I had to apply for the selection procedure of medicine, I was too busy exploring other very interesting options. This brought me to my bachelor in Technical Medicine. During my bachelor I found out that I appreciated the technical approach of healthcare. Cardiology and neurology are the topics that stand out for me. We appear to understand the least of the part of our body that helps us to understand the world. After my bachelor, I started the master Biomedical Engineering in the direction of Physiological Signals & Systems. This is another step away from the clinic, but I find research subjects close to the clinic the most interesting. I would like to contribute to the understanding of the brain and I hope future patients will experience (even the smallest) benefits of it.

Research interests   

For my masters assignment I will improve the recognition of interictal epileptic discharges in long term EEG measurements using deep learning. In general the goal is to improve the understanding of different forms of epilepsy. For patients it would be very helpful if we would be able to predict epileptic seizures based on EEG. I am also very interested in early outcome prediction of post-anoxic patients.