Detection of epileptiform discharges in interictal EEG

Project description:

The interictal EEG of patients with epilepsy shows epileptiform discharges, and the presence of these discharges is therefore used when diagnosing a patient for epilepsy.

Due to the wide variety of morphologies of epileptiform discharges (the form may differ between patients and even within one single patient) and their similarities to waves belonging to normal EEG (like vertex waves in sleep) or artefacts (like eye blinks), detecting epileptiform discharges is a difficult task that requires years of experience. Moreover, analyzing an EEG record requires a lot of time. Automatic assistance is therefore desirable and finding a suitable way to obtain such assistance is the goal of this project.

This graduation project is part of the PhD project of Shaun Lodder.


Dr. ir. G. Meinsma (University of Twente)

Prof. dr. ir. M.J.A.M. van Putten (Medisch Spectrum Twente, University of Twente)

S.S. Lodder, MSc. (University of Twente)


Astrid Geerts