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Dr. C. (Chayanin) Tangwiriyasakul - 2014

Alumnus – obtained PhD degree in February 2014
Dr. C. (Chayanin) Tangwiriyasakul
Phone: +31 (0) 53 489 1116

General information

I was born in Chiang-Mai (Thailand). My first study was Bachelor of mechanical engineering in Thammasat University (Thailand). After completing my first degree, I worked as mechanical engineer in Bridgestone Corporation. I move to Germany and did my master there. My master thesis was “Design rule for laser freeform fabrication for medical applications (Implants)”. After that I continued working with Institute of Laser and System Technologies, TUHH. In 2007, I joined the Mathematics for Industry group in Eindhoven University of Technology and completed my PDEng degree. I am now doing my PhD in University of Twente in department of Clinical Neurophysiology and department of Biomedical Signals and Systems.

Research interests

Brain Computer Interface for stroke rehabilitation

My PhD topic is “Brain Computer Interface for stroke rehabilitation”. In this project, I would like to develop a new tool to assist or guide stroke patient during rehabilitation protocol. A principle of this tool is to interpret EEG signal and indicate stage of recovery of stroke patient together with guiding patient to follow rehabilitation protocol in home-use environment. Not only scientific aspects, but this topic also includes other aspects such as an easy to use and a fun factor. At the end of this project, I hope to deliver the useful tool for stroke patient.

Fields of Interest

Signal processing, 3D programming, Man-machine Interface, Biological signal and statistics


Prof. dr. W.L.C. Rutten
prof. dr. ir. M.J.A.M. van Putten