C. (Catharina) Lourenço

PhD candidate Catarina Lourenco
Building: Technohal, room 3385
Phone: +351 924 352 096
E-mail: k.catarinalourenco@gmail.com

General information

I study Bioengineering at the University of Porto and I’ll graduate in 2019, getting my Master’s degree. In 2017, I worked as an intern at a startup company and I conducted research related to biomaterials at the Research Center at Harwell (UK). In 2018 I did my Erasmus internship at the CNPH group, working on the application of Deep Learning to prognostication in postanoxic coma. I will now develop my Master thesis regarding the application of Deep Learning to EEG analysis in Epilepsy.

Research interests

My interests are very diverse, since my degree has allowed me to explore a wide variety of fields. I am particularly interested in Deep Learning and Machine Learning in general, as well as biosignals and signal processing. Brain-computer interfaces and biomaterials are some of my other interests.