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Nathalie Katsonis wins Athena Award 2016

On Wednesday December 7th Prof. Nathalie Katsonis received the Athena Award 2016 from the committee chair Prof. Izabel Arends.

The award ceremony was held during the CHAINS conference. Awarded to a top chemical talent every year, the Athena Award was created by Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) to highlight women who perform excellent research in chemistry and combine it with active outreach activities.Nine chemists were nominated. Four of them were selected for an interview with the jury for the 2016 NWO-CW Athena Award. Isabel Arends, the jury chair, motivates the choice of the Committee: “Nathalie Katsonis is has not only demonstrated outstanding scientific achievements, but she has also engaged actively in all the other activities that are associated with an academic career, and she does so with unparalleled diligence and dedication. She is an inspiring role model for young women whose academic careers are just getting off the ground.”

The Athena Award consists of a prize of €25,000 for research-related activities, a statue and an interview in Elements, the annual magazine of NWO Chemical Sciences.

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