BioImaging Centre (BIC) officially opened

On March 30th, the BioImaging Centre (BIC) opened its doors to a large audience of 85 visitors. Vinod Subramaniam, Chairman of the Executive Board, officially opened the centre after a brief welcome by Ivo Vellekoop, one of the initiators alongside Robert Passier, Marcel Karperien, Ine Segers, and Tom Knop.

Following the opening, Erik Danen from the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (LACDR) presented new and interesting 3D developments for investigating fibrosis and cancer progression. Afterwards, the visitors were able to visit the BioImaging Centre.

In addition, Castro Johnbosco from UT DBE group, Verena Schwach, and Lena Koch both from the UT AST group, gave presentations on the key technologies present in the BIC lab. Jeroen Doornbos from the UT BMPI group closed the morning with a lecture on wavefront Shaping 2-photon microscopy, which allows researchers to observe deep into living tissues.

The BIC distinguishes itself through the unique combination of two expertise areas, namely organ-on-chip technology, and optical knowledge. This also includes the wavefront shaping technology invented at UT in 2007, which is now used worldwide as a research field. It is remarkable that the BIC can now offer this technology to end-users.

The BIC is already heavily used, which is why evening and weekend openings are necessary. The BIC is a valuable extension of the research facilities of the UT and offers both internal and external researchers from the business community the opportunity to optimally use innovative techniques with professional support.

Interested in what the BIC has to offer?

Read Ivo's story (only in Dutch) about the exact facilities provided by the BIC. For more information, feel free to contact Ivo Vellekoop at or Tom Knop,