Lyuba will use advanced light control methods to develop ultra-slim endoscopes

Veni grant for Lyuba Amitonova

The future of endoscopy

Optical microscopy is a basic tool for biological research, but light scattering restricts imaging deep inside living organisms. To overcome this constraint endoscopic techniques based on miniature optical probes have been developed. However, even nowadays high-resolution multifunctional imaging deep into organs or biotissue remains an elusive goal.

Lyuba Amitonova was awarded an NWO Veni grant to solve this long-standing problem. In her project ‘super-resolution endo-microscopy’, she will use advanced technology of light control in combination with unique fiber probes to create new optical methods for deep-tissue imaging with an unparalleled quality. Lyuba Amitonova is presently working with Ivo Vellekoop at the BMPI group.