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Welcome Master students to the group

BMPI welcomes Linda Zwiers, Belinda Brandwacht, Aileen Selderhuis, Vinay Parameshwarappa, Lalithai Ramachandran for their Master research projects, and Jesse Bijl for his Diploma project

Linda Zwiers will be working on imaging finger joints using Photoacoustic Computed Tomography. She will concentrate on understanding and minimizing artefacts in imaging the complex finger joint, and will at a later stage work on imaging patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Linda will be supervised by Srirang Manohar


Linda Zwiers

Belinda Brandwacht is developing an optics-based system to diagnose gout non-invasively. The goal of the project is to design and build a setup for proof-of-concept experiments. She will be supervised by Ivo Vellekoop. (

Belinda Brandwacht

Aileen Selderhuis will set-up novel imaging and sensing tools to make possible monitoring of cerebral circulation in preterm neonates. She will be supervised by Wiendelt Steenbergen (

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Vinay Parameswarappa will work on real-time multi-spectral studies using a handheld dual mode photoacoustic/ultrasound system. He will explore various ex-vivo applications using the developed system. Vinay will be supervised by Mithun Kuniyil Ajith Singh (

Lalithai Ramachandran will develop photoacoustic spectroscopy and using it with a portable photoacoustic system, which is being developed as part of the EC funded Fullphase project. The goal is to use photoacoustic spectroscopy for imaging the inflammation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. See also will be supervised by Pim van den Berg (