BMPI welcomes two new members

December 1st 2014: BMPI welcomes two new members. Last month, two new students joined BMPI for their Master assignments.

Gerwin Osnabrugge [Left] is a Biomedical Engineering master student. In coming months, Gerwin will investigate the anisotropic memory effect, which describes the similarity between different interference patterns created by light propagating through a scattering medium. Using this principle, he hope to image fluorescent structures beyond the ballistic regime. For detailed information about this project, contact Dr. Ivo Vellekoop (

Guus Spenkelink [Right] is a master student specializing in Applied Physics. Coming year, Guus will be working on ultrasound modulated fluorescence, a new technique in which the emission intensity of fluorescent particles in a scattering medium is modulated by an ultrasound signal, this modulation allows for higher resolution detection of these particles in a scattering medium like tissue. A big part of the project is to build a highly sensitive setup that can detect ultrasound modulated fluorescence in a scattering medium. For more information about the projects involving ultrasound modulated fluorescence, contact Dr. Khalid Daoudi (

We wish them good luck with their time in BMPI!