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Welcome to Sjoukje as Mederwerker Onderzoek - I year PhD student

Sjoukje Schoustra

Welcome Sjoukje as Medewerker Onderzoek (I year PhD Candidate)

Sjoukje Schoustra has been appointed as Medewerker Onderzoek since 15 June 2015, on the Photoacoustic Mammography (PAMmography) project. Her participation in the project for the first year is supported by the crowdfunding-efforts of Wiendelt Steenbergen administered by the UT Funds. Sjoukje has also secured her own funding for a further 6 month period within the Twente Graduate School Research Proposal award.

Sjoukje completed her MSc degree in Biomedical Engineering within the same group on 5 June 2015. Her thesis was titled “Towards in vivo measurements with the second generation Photoacoustic Mammoscope.”

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