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September 1st, 2012 - Ivo Vellekoop has started as an assistant professor in BMPI. Ivo received his masters and PhD degrees in the Complex Photonic Systems group of the University of Twente and worked as a postdoc at the Physical Systems Biology group of the University of Zurich, and at the Biophotonics Laboratory of the California Institute of Technology.

Together with Allard Mosk (UT), he demonstrated that light can be focused sharply through non-transparent materials: egg shell, paint, paper. This pioneering work was elected as one of the top 10 physics stories of the year by the American Institute of Physics in 2008. Since then, Ivo worked on applications of this method, including a fluorescence microscope that can see through scattering membranes. At BMPI, he will be developing novel biomedical imaging methods that use elements of this revolutionary technology.

For information about student projects, send an e-mail to i.m.vellekoop@utwente.n