BMPI welcomes Niels Langhout

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In the first week of November, Niels Langhout joined BMPI for his graduation assignment. His work regarding photoacoustic imaging of lymph nodes for detection of melanoma metastases will be the last part of his masters in both Technical Medicine and Medicine.

Niels Langhout started Technical Medicine in 2004. After finishing his bachelor he started his mastertrack robotics and imaging. Meanwhile, in congruence with family routines, he started his master in Medicine. His interest in medical imaging led him to various research assignments  in the departments of radiology, internal medicine/oncology, radiotherapy and oncologic surgery. The graduation project on the detection of metastasis in lymph nodes with photoacoustics Niels is working on today, fits in his history of research in oncologic imaging. Graduating in both Technical Medicine and Medicine is planned in the last part of 2012.