4 master graduations at BMPI

In the last months, four master students finished their research at BMPI and became Master of Science (MSc). BMPI congratulates them all and wishes them best luck with their new jobs.

On the 16th of June 2011, biomedical engineering (BME) student Maj Haverkate defended her research regarding photoacoustic imaging of rheumatoid arthritis finger joints. She did a feasibility study in healthy volunteers and arthritis patients, to investigate the possibilities of this technique in monitoring the disease. Maj’s work was graded with a 9 and therefore she graduated ‘cum laude’. BME master student Maarten Heres will continue the work of Maj.

Maj found a job as a clinical physicist trainee in the field of audiology at the Audiological Center in Amersfoort.

Diederik Grootendoorst was the first Technical Medicine (TM) student to graduate at BMPI on the 22nd of August 2011. In a joined project of the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI-AVL) and BMPI, he investigated the possibilities of ex vivo sentinel lymph node imaging to find metastases of melanoma. He used the photoacoustic ‘small animal imager’ designed by Jithin Jose of BMPI, to image the excised lymph nodes and he compared those images with results from histopathology. Diederik’s work was graded with a 9, which made him master of science in Technical Medicine.

Diederik will continue his work regarding photoacoustic lymph node imaging at the NKI-AVL and BMPI as a PhD student.

On the 28th of September, Ellen Ten Tije (TM), defended her work regarding photoacoustic elastography for breast cancer diagnosis. In her project, Ellen investigated the potential of combining two relatively new techniques, photoacoustic mammography and (ultrasound) elastography. She was the first to start with this research and she had to handle several technical challenges. Ellen made a good start with the project, but the work towards photoacoustic elastography is not yet finished. If you are interested in a (BME or physics) masters project in this field, please contact Michelle Heijblom ( or Dr. Daniele Piras (

Since the 1st of September, Ellen works as a junior researcher at the HTSR group of the University of Twente, to investigate the clinical and economic potential of photoacoustic mammography and other breast imaging techniques.

Carla Kloeze got her title as MSc in Biomedical Egineering on the 29th of September. She did research towards the comparison of laser Doppler perfusion imaging and laser speckle contrast analysis. She used, amongst others, the LASCA system and the TOPCam which are both available in the lab of BMPI. During her research Carla also collaborated with researchers from Perimed Sweden and the University of Auckland (New-Zealand) who also have expertise and equipment in this field. Carla also started with investigating the possibilities of using the TOPCam for measuring intestine perfusion intraoperatively. For this, she performed animal measurements. Carla’s work was graded with a 9.

If you are interested in this topic and you want to do a masters project (BME or physics) in the field of laser speckle contrast analysis and or laser Doppler perfusion imaging, please contact Prof. Wiendelt Steenbergen ( .

Carla recently started with her job as clinical physicist trainee at the Catharina Hospital in Einhoven.