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MESA+ is one of the world’s largest nanotechnology research institutes; and it’s the largest research institute in this field in the Netherlands. A total of 525 researchers work together on cutting-edge research at the highest level.


25 Nov 2014 - First blue-energy power plant opened, UT made large contribution His Majesty King Willem-Alexander will put the first blue-energy power plant in the world to use on Wednesday, 26 November. In this test plant at the Afsluitdijk the joining of river and sea water is used to generate sustainable energy. This is because by using cleverly designed membranes (special filters), you can generate electricity directly from the difference in salt concentration. Researchers from the University of Twente's MESA+ research institute supplied the knowledge for the membranes and the technology for this power station.
13 Nov 2014 - Three-dimensional microtechnology with Origami folding art Antoine Legrain, doctoral degree candidate at the University of Twente, has developed a method to design microtechnology in three dimensions. The existing mini-electronics in computers and smartphones, for example, is strongly two-dimensional and is built on a very thin layer. In a micro world in 3D, more transistors can be inserted in an enclosure, so we get more memory or faster processors. Legrain was inspired in his work by Origami, the Japanese art of folding, which he applies at the micro level. In this case, he works with structures that have the diameter of a grain of salt.
11 Nov 2014 - An air cushion for falling droplets Falling droplets bounce as many as fifteen times before they come to rest on a flat surface. In the past, it was believed that this phenomenon is limited to water drops on superhydrophobic surfaces. Research performed by scientists from UT's MESA+ research institute, published today in the leading scientific journal Nature Physics shows that the phenomenon applies to a much broader class of materials including to oils and to wetting surfaces because the drops can bounce on a microscopic layer of entrapped air. This emerges from fundamental research. According to prof. dr. Frieder Mugele, this knowledge is in part important for applications in the field of inkjet printing, medical inhalers and coating technology. 7 Nov 2014 - Line dancing bacteria on a chip By changing the direction of a magnetic field, so-called magneto-tactic bacteria are able to make a full U-turn. They can be taught line dancing in this way, inside the tiny micro channels of a lab on a chip. Magnetically steered objects will be capable of delivering medication, for example. Scientists of the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology and the Korean Institute of Science and Technology recorded an award-winning video about this.

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