Technical Medicine

TiMER Group – Technical Medical Education Research Group


Our goal is to bring evidence-based educational science into the training of health care professionals. We innovate education for health care professionals by applying knowledge from rigorous psychological, educational and medical scientific studies. By creating a learning and research community of health care educators and trainees, we aim to professionalise teaching.


Two fundamental assumptions underlie our research and teaching activities. First, coming from the tradition of cognitive psychology, we understand professional performance as an individual activity embedded in a dynamic system, which is influenced by organisational, team, societal, and other factors. Second, from an educational science perspective, we conduct research that improves fundamental understanding as well solves practical problems, i.e. use-inspired basic research or design research.

Who are we?

We are a multidisciplinary group of researchers, health care professionals and students dedicated to evidence-based (technical-) medical education. Our group is primarily based at the Experimental Centre for Technical Medical (ECTM) but we collaborate on a national and international level with other research groups and clinical partners.

The ECTM ( offers the latest state-of-the-art simulation technology for research, development and the education of students and professionals in health care. It is used as a large high-tech and safe learning space in which the authentic professional environment is simulated. It fits our high demands for studying the effects of evidence-based training programs for Technical Medicine students and other health care professionals.