Professional Learning in High-Tech Health Care

Lab for professional learning in high-tech healthcare

The Professional Learning in High-Tech Health Care group aims to contribute to expertise development of medical professionals working in a high-tech healthcare environment. Through use-inspired basic research and applying a human factors approach, we help educators and researchers design, implement and evaluate solutions for technical medical educational challenges. By bringing researchers, educators and students together, we create a community of learning and critical thinking to foster lifelong learning of high-tech health care professionals.

Mission and vision

The mission of the PLiHTHC group is to help educators improve the quality and effectiveness of medical education for health care professionals working with new and complex medical technology. Based on psychological and educational science, we identify and analyze educational challenges, design and implement solutions while attending to the local context, and evaluate the effects using rigorous scientific methods.

Meet the team

The PLiHTHC group is a multidisciplinary network of scientists, educators and students bringing together psychologists, educational scientists, engineers, technical physicians and clinicians. We collaborate with academic and health care partners from the Netherlands and abroad. Our lab is located at the Experimental Center for Technical Medicine of the University of Twente and strongly linked to undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs of Technical Medicine, Psychology and Educational Sciences.