UTTh!nk with PridePride Symposium 2023 - registration

Pride Symposium 2023 - registration

Pride Symposium: wellbeing and joy
The queer, the straight and the future

For the Rainbow Days Enschede (Regenboogdagen Enschede), Think with Pride UT and Saxion are joining forces to organise the second Pride Symposium, with this year’s theme “Wellbeing and Joy”, the queer, the straight and the future. At this symposium, we will explore what influences wellbeing of LGBTQ+ people and what universities and companies can do to contribute positively to this. The symposium will be opened by Ank Bijleveld, the new chairperson of Twenteboard, followed by an executive panel. We will spotlight UT and Saxion researchers to present their work, and give the stage to businesses to share their best practices and insights.

You are invited! The symposium will take place on the 11th of October (Coming Out Day), from 12:00 to 16:30, at the DesignLab at the University of Twente Campus. The symposium is free to attend and open to all, you can register on this page. The event is English-spoken. Feel free to forward this invite to a friend/colleague! For any questions, mail pride@utwente.nl or pride@saxion.nl.

  • What can you expect? A short overview

    [12:00 – 12:45] Walk-in and lunch (registration needed)
    [12:45 – 13:00] Opening by Ank Bijleveld, chairperson of Twente Board
    [13:00 – 13:30] Executive panel with UT, Saxion, Twente Board and business representatives
    [13:30 – 14:30] Sessions on research into queer wellbeing, inclusion and health
    [14:30 – 14:45] Break
    [14:45 – 15:15] Let’s play! Using Lego to co-create an ideal future where wellbeing is ensured for all
    [15:15 – 16:15] Sessions on inclusiveness in recruitment, talent retention and the added value of small & medium enterprises and corporate allyship
    [16:15 – 16:30] Closing, with special attention to the accompanying art exhibition
    [16:30] Drinks and networking possibilities


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