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Khan Academy


Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization that offers short lessons in the form of instructional videos, and is free of charge. From now on it’s possible to integrate Khan Academy videos within Canvas.

Why Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers a plug-in that enables teachers to easily include content from Khan Academy into their Canvas course, varying from Math or Computing to Science & Engineering. The content exists of small video’s that explain specific concepts in a clear way.

How to use Khan Academy

To use the Khan Academy plug-in, you first have to enable it in your Canvas course. Doing this is easy: go to page called Settings in your course, click on the ‘apps’ tab, select the Khan Academy app and click on the ‘add app’ button.

When drafting a page in Canvas, you have the option to insert content from external tools like YouTube, Vimeo – and now also Khan Academy. From there, you can manually browse the library and choose the video you would like to embed in your course. Note there’s currently no search functionality provided, but once that is supported it will be added.


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