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H5P (Html5 Package)


Canvas is intended to support our education. It’s not only meant for sharing files with students, it’s an educational tool itself. The current configuration of Canvas already offers a large number of components that support online learning, such as quizzes, conferences and discussions. A tool called ‘H5P’ has recently been added to this. H5P aims to make it easy for everyone to create, share and reuse interactive (learning) content. The name 'H5P' stands for 'Html5 Package'.


H5P, short for HTML5 Package, is a plug-in for Canvas and other learning management systems. It offers teaching staff the option of building their own media-rich learning elements and adding them to their Canvas pages. H5P is based on open source web standards. There is a large library with different interaction types available, ranging from short fill-in exercises to videos with question-and-answer interaction.


H5P is available for general use at the UT. No software is required to use H5P; it will be seamlessly integrated with Canvas. Teachers will be able create H5P elements, share them with each other and offer them to their students, without ever having to leave Canvas.

If you already want to see and try some examples, you can go to the H5P website and create a free account. Please note: everything that is made and shown here is publicly accessible.


Teaching staff who want to use H5P or would like to know more can contact us or your e-learning specialist