What is a microlecture?

How to get started

To get started you have to design a script (what do you want to tell and how do you want to show your materials). Next to that you need to make an appointment in one of the studios from the University. At the University two studios are available:

Before you make an appointment we advise you to read the materials and information below.


Please use the job-aids below and watch the videos, this supports you in designing and recording a perfect microlecture.

After reading and watching the materials you might want some extra support or coaching during the preparation and production of your microlecture. Please contact Chris Rouwenhorst ( or Martine ten Voorde ( They can support you with the design of your script and can coach you in the studio. A few times a year a professional television coach is available, click on the link to subscribe for a session.

How to record a microlecture

In this video we explian how to record a microlecture. Where do you have to think of? What can be the result? And what does the studio look like. The video above is also available in Dutch.

Microlecture checklist

The microlecture checklist is a checklist to use during the preparation and execution of your microlecture.

What to expect of a studio appointment

See what to expect (and what is expected of you) in the studio appointment.


In a script you describe what you want to tell and how do you want to show your materials. You can use the script format for your microlecture.  See how we prepared?  Check out the preparation of the videos above:
1. Microlecture 'video formats of Twente University script and presentation
3. Microlecture 'how to record a microlecture' script  and presentation

You can also check out the script format.

Further watching

See what your colleagues did? Watch one or more of the clips in the experience section to see what they recorded.


Request information:

You can book a microlecture directly on: