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At the moment we are reviewing our Microlecture Course to a new format. This should be available at the end of Januari 2022.
We will publish new Microlecture Course Studio dates as soon as possible.

In the meantime you can still follow our Microlecture course in Canvas.
See below for more details.

Video can be a powerful tool to enhance your education. The University of Twente offers a number of video formats as standard do-it-yourself packages. The microlecture format is arguably the most advanced of these, as it will involve a thorough rethink of your subject matter. Do it right though, and it will save you time and effort whilst offering learning flexibility to your students.

To help you get the most out of this format, we offer a blended course on developing and producing video microlectures. Most of the course you can take on line, and additionaly during the course there are two hands on sessions: a workshop to get you started with the development, and a studio training to get accustomed to the production, particularly recording your lecture in front of a camera.

The main aim is to help you to make an informed choice on how (parts of) your subject matter might benefit by incorporating the microlecture format in your lessons.

Microlectures: How to..?
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The training is set up to guide you through the process of developing and producing a microlecture:

  1. Choosing a subject and drafting an outline
  2. Two hour workshop getting tips and templates, and start scripting and making visuals
  3. Producing your actual practice lecture script and slides
  4. A half-day training with a professional presenter's trainer in the microlecture studio

In steps 1, 2 and 3 you will develop and produce a short practice lecture, by writing a script and developing visuals. To keep things simple, this practice lecture can be just 3-4 minutes long, which is shorter that a regular microlecture. During step 4, the final studio training session, you will use this lecture to develop and practice your presentation skills.



On line; 2 – 3 hours

Study the on line materials, decide on a practice subject and compose a first short backbone outline of a lecture.


Hands on meeting; 120 minutes

During the workshop you’ll start writing your script and producing your slides, in preparation of your studio training session.


On line; 4 – 6 hours

Based on the workshop practice, you further develop your short lecture and visuals to record during the studio training.


Hands on meeting: half day

You and 2-3 fellow participants will train presenting your lecture in front of a camera. A professional trainer and a technician will help you getting used to the recording procedure. The main aim is to find and define your personal microlecturing style.

Who can participate

  • Individual teachers and lecturers of the University of Twente who would like to expand their professional teaching skills
  • Groups or teams of teachers and lecturers who are restructuring their existing education or are developing new education (i.e. MOOCs).
    If you are planning on participating as a group of three or more, please contact the TELT team directly for a group arrangement

Participation for individuals and teams is free of charge under the UT Professional Development program.


The course is blended. Most of it can be taken on line at your own pace. Only the two hands on meetings are actually scheduled, several times per year, as a workshop + studio training combination, two weeks apart. When you enrol, please make sure you are able to attend both.

  • Course will run with three or more individual participants.
  • For teams or groups of three or more participants, other dates can be arranged.