Microlectures are a popular way of enriching your education with video. Microlectures are recorded in studio, in front of a camera and a green screen. Your slides are projected next to or behind you. Microlectures are great for adding a personal touch to your distance teaching.

See this short video for an introduction on a microlecture:

How to create microlectures

Presenting in front of an audience in a lecture hall is way different from presenting in front of a camera. The TELT team will support you along the way, from preparation to actual studio time.

TELT also offers a training with the help of a professional presenter: How to create a microlecture

The Preparation

Ready to design? Please take the following steps:

  1. Make an intake appointment by mailing Arthur Veugelers.
  2. During the intake it will be determined whether the microlecture is a suitable format. Opportunities to enhance the quality of your script are also discussed.
  3. Write the script: This is the most important step
    What do you want to tell your audience and how do you want to show your materials? There are multiple documents and training opportunities which can help you in creating a good script:
    1. Start having a look at the "Example" section below. Here you can find example scripts, powerpoints and the resulting videos.
    2. Follow the Microlecture Checklist to get fully prepared.
    3. Use the blank script template as used in the "Example" section below, to start designing the script.
  4. Review round of the script. Together with an educational expert from TELT you will review and revise your script, in order to be fully prepared.

The Studio

Ready to record? Please take notice of the following steps:

  1. Once you have finished the preparation, an appointment can be made for the studio through the LISA selfservice portal. During the intake it will be decided which of the 2 studio's will be most suitable:
    1. Studio Faculty ITC
    2. Studio Citadel
  2. Recording day! This will be the appointment in which you will create your microlecture. Check the Studio Appointment Procedure to know what to expect.
  3. Post-production. Some minor adjustments can be made to the video.
  4. The result! You will receive a link to your video, published on the UT's private vimeo Channel.


Below you find some examples on how microlectures were prepared, with the final result

The example "How to record a microlecture" at the top of this page is created based on the following script and powerpoint presentation:

The example "Video formats of Twente University" below is created based on the following script and powerpoint presentation:

Contact / Support

After reading and watching the materials you might want some extra support or coaching during the preparation and production of your microlecture. Please contact either:

They can support you with the design of your script and can coach you in the studio.

Further watching

See what your colleagues did? Watch one or more of the clips in the experience section to see what they recorded.