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Solutions for hybrid education

Pilot status

This pilot is concluded and the experiences that were gained are used to optimize the UT lecture halls and improve the support that is given.

Hybrid education is a form of education where 'online' and 'in-class' students are mixed, and simultaneously present in an educational setting. There can be various reasons for implementing a hybrid setup. The reasons and learning objectives in each situation are the starting point and form the basis for making educational decisions. 

Pilot 1: Hybrid Hall Barco Weconnect Carre 2M

In this lecture hall there is room for approximately 15 students in-class and 18 students online. The lecturer has a digital whiteboard available, a touchscreen and a control panel. Also, in the back of the lecture hall there are two screens on which you can see the online students, and a camera. This camera follows the lecturer when he stands on a floormat. In the room there are three floor mats. This means that a lecturer can move towards three different positions.

Pilot 2: Standard hybrid solution

In several lecture halls a camera on a tripod and a speaker/microphone is installed with a control panel providing you the opportunity to record your lecture. This solution can be used for streaming your lecture or provide your lecture hybrid with in-class and online students. In this set-up it is not possible to see your online students. So, for interaction you can use a voting tool (Wooclap) or the chat; but a student assistant is recommended in that case. There is no maximum of online students, and on-campus depends on the lecture hall where the solution is installed. 


Are you interested in taking part in one of these pilots? Please contact us! For the results of the pilot, it would be interesting if you use a variety of teaching methods (for example interaction by voting). 

For more information about hybrid education, visit this page on our website.