The pilot with Pitch2Peer has been concluded for now. The evaluation results of the Pitch2Peer pilot were mixed positive and negative. Because of these mixed findings and the fact that another peer review tool named Eduflow showed more positive evaluation results, we decided to continue with Eduflow. More information about Eduflow can be found here.


Pitch2Peer is an online feedback environment where students can review and give each other feedback on their products. It's like a 'facebook' wall with 'pitches', where the teacher decides the criteria and setup of the feedback process. 

why pitch2peer

Pitch2peer is a review tool that allows students to learn from each other's work and feedback bij posting 'pitches'.  A pitch is the result of an assignment presented by students in the form of, for instance; a video, Prezi, knowledge clip, blog etc. The students can be asked to reflect on their own work, as well as review (anonymously) one or more of their peer's (group) pitches. As a teacher you can decide the setup of this feedback process, and make your own criteria (and questions) of the feedback answers. 

Pitch2peer is a good fit for online and blended learning, because it can be fully organised and performed outside classroom hours. Also, Pitch2peer can be used for assignments that challenge students to represent knowledge and/or skills briefly and concisely. This will force them to think critically about what they want to present, and how they think they can reach their goal. Besides, if Pitch2peer is integrated in the course, part of a feedback loop, it really helps them to grow in receiving and giving constructive feedback. 

Unfortunatelty, the video below is in Dutch

how to use pitch2peer

The Pitch2peer tool is integrated in our LMS system: Canvas. When you make an assignment you just add a new assignment for your students in the canvas course and use the 'external tool option' for the 'submission type' in Canvas. The rest of your setup, like deadlines etc. can be done in the Pitch2Peer environment. 


Teaching staff who would like to know more about Pitch2Peer and the evaluation results can contact telt@utwente.nl.