TA-help.me has been tested & evaluated positively during the last quartiles of the academic year 2019/2020. It now has become generally available in Canvas.


Do you want to organize better your student tutorials, where students don't need to raise their hands anymore, but just write their questions in a (digital) queue? Where students are helped in the order their question arised? Use TA-help.me to achieve this. Also during online class TA-help.me can help you better.


TA-help.me optimizes the process of assisting students in (online) tutorials (werkcolleges):

HOW TO USE TA-help.me

No software is required to use TA-help.me; it's integrated with Canvas. If you want to know more about using TA-help.me, you can go to the website for more information.


Please contact the CES-IM ICTO team (teachingtools-ces@utwente.nl) if you want to have a demo and/or use TA-help.me in your course.