The pilot with Mentimeter has been concluded for now. The proposed pricing plan for the campus license did not fit our budget. You can either use a free Mentimeter account (limited) or use Wooclap (campus license, unlimited) instead.


Mentimeter is a polling tool that makes your teaching more interactive by letting the students actively participate in lectures. You can set your questions and let your students give their input using their mobile phone, laptops, and tablets.  The results from your students can be shared and presented through visualization in real time. Big benefits of Mentimeter are:

1.      Very easy to use for teachers and students
2.      Many types of interaction possibilities, including a word cloud
3.      No additional installation of software on your device is needed

The use of a polling tool can enhance your classroom in many ways:

·        giving immediate feedback to students
·        allowing students to assess their learning
·        indicating the difficulties that students are struggling
·        reaching students who are less motivated to speak in class

Want to try?

The UT currently doesn't have a campus license for Mentimeter. If you do want to use Mentimeter, you can create a free Mentimeter account with your own (UT-)mail address. Note that free accounts have a limit of 2 questions and 5 quizzes per presentation. If this is not sufficient for you, we advise you to use Wooclap instead.