Enhance your presentation skills with Brainstud

Presenting is a very important skill in the daily life of lecturers and students. We all are very aware of that. We now give you the opportunity to practice this skill in a Virtual Reality (VR) environment. VR photo

The TELT team, in collaboration with the BMS lab, makes this possible with a VR-tool called Brainstud. This software not only records your presentation itself. It also records your movements, your tone of voice, the speed of your speech and your eye movements. This combination of data makes is possible to gain more insight into your presentation skills!

Test it for yourself

Do you want to know more? Or would you like to try out this VR experience to improve your presentation skills? Please contact the TELT-team; Martin Bosker or Marloes Luttikhuis

This service is free of charge. However, we do expect a serious commitment from your side to make it useful. When you come for your personal presentation session, we recommend that you take a small (PowerPoint) presentation with you. To get a good experience and a reliable measurement you should present for at least 10 minutes. During every session support will be available to help you with using the tool and analyzing the data.