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Webinar AI in Education Reflections on the future of learning and teaching.

How do teachers already apply AI in their education? This question was explored last February 27th, through a fascinating webinar about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education with two teachers from the EEMCS faculty. Attracting educators and enthusiasts alike, this virtual event offered an exploration of the power of AI in education.  

Artificial Interactivity (AI) 

The live-streamed studio 200 featured pioneering teachers from EEMCS, Tom van Dijk and Len Spek, whose experiences highlighted the potential of AI integration in educational practice. Moderated by Cora Salm, programme director of Electrical Engineering, the duo delved into their approach to applying AI for educational enrichment.  

While Tom van Dijk explained the impact of applying AI on student outcomes and underlined the shift it is bringing to the learning landscape, Len Spek showed his application of AI in course design. A characteristic of this webinar was its interactive format, which promoted a dynamic engagement among (online) participants. Attendees were encouraged to ask questions and share insights, promoting an exchange of ideas. Robin van Emmerloot facilitated this dialogue and ensured that questions and comments reached Tom and Len.  

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This webinar was a collaboration between TELT – EEMCS and the Videoteam