TELT Newsletter #12 - Happy new Academic Year

The TELT team is bringing you the latest news about technological innovations for learning and teaching at the University of Twente.

Interactive voting with Wooclap

The TELT team recently started a pilot with Wooclap, a real-time voting tool that can be used to interact with your students through multiple choice questions, word clouds, competitions and more. Wooclap can be used to involve your students in both live and distance teaching. Interested? It’s still possible to join the pilot!


We have planned short online training sessions where the basic principles of online voting with Wooclap are shown. If you would like to join, please enroll yourself via this Canvas course and register for one of the sessions in the group section of the course.

Peer assessment with Buddycheck

Buddycheck has now become available to use for all teachers at UT! During the past academic year a pilot was conducted with Buddycheck. The evaluation results were very positive: all participating teachers agreed that the tool technically supports the group work process. If you’re looking for a tool that supports group work evaluation, check out our website for instructions on how to set up Buddycheck in your own Canvas course.

Virtual lab education with Labster

Since the physical labs at our campus were temporarily unavailable because of the Covid-19 outbreak, the TELT team has started a pilot with Labster: a tool that can be used to simulate physical lab experiments. Although the first results are positive, we would like to extend the pilot. That’s why we are currently looking for a teacher that wants to try Labster during quartile 2 or quartile 3 of this academic year (max. 60 students). Interested? Visit our website!

Effectively organize tutorials with

After a successful pilot, has now become available to use for all teachers at UT. can be used to organize tutorials and (online) classes so that students don't need to raise their hands anymore, but just send in their questions via a (digital) queue. is easily set up via your own Canvas course: visit our website to find the instructions.

Build media-rich learning elements with H5P

The TELT team has recently been running a pilot with a tool called H5P (short for 'HTML5 Package'). H5P was evaluated positively and has now become available to use for all teachers at UT. With the H5P plug-in, teaching staff is able to build their own media-rich learning elements and add them to their Canvas course. If you want to learn more, you can visit our website.

News from the MOOC market

Since the Covid-19 outbreak we see a lot more interest in the UT’s MOOC’s. We continue to work hard on the extension of our MOOC program and that’s why we are thrilled to announce a brand new MOOC: Intelligent HRM For Managers Of The Future. This course starts in September and will cover two interrelated themes: personnel and organization.

Also check out our existing MOOCs:


All UT employees can go to to create a free account and take online courses. If you want to qualify for an official certificate, please make sure to send an email to with the title of the course you’re (planning on) taking. The course fee will be paid for by the UT.

Upcoming Events

As you might have seen, the UT is currently offering vouchers for different kinds of educational support to inspire you and help you strengthen the Twente Education Model in your programme or module. Do you want to know how IT-tools can help you as an educator? On 29 September, the TELT team is offering an inspiring online session where different (existing and new) ‘EdTech’ tools will be demonstrated and best practices will be shared. To see all vouchers and to register, visit

Also, if you’re interested in using Wooclap in your course: don’t forget to register for our online training sessions via Canvas:

Who are we?

The UT established the TELT team in January 2016. TELT stands for Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching. We are a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in online learning, flipped classroom, video for education, digital assessment and more. Our mission is to assist our lecturers to improve their teaching practices with the use of new technologies for teaching and learning. You can visit our website if you would like to know more about our expertise.