TELT Newsletter #10 – Going Global

The TELT team is bringing you the latest news about technological innovations for learning and teaching at the University of Twente. This 10th edition of our newsletter has a special ‘international touch’.

Who are we?

The UT established the TELT team in January 2016. TELT stands for Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching. We are a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in online learning, flipped classroom, video for education, digital assessment and more. Our mission is to assist our lecturers to improve their teaching practices with the use of new technologies for teaching and learning. You can visit our website if you would like to know more about our expertise.

International conferences on online learning

Recently, a few delegates of the TELT-team have visited two big conferences abroad: CanvasCon Europe in Barcelona and DevLearn in Las Vegas. Hot topics at these conferences were lifelong learning, learning analytics and personalized learning. Both provided us with a great opportunity to network and exchange ideas around online learning. Later this month, we’ll visit Online Educa in Berlin; we’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Crossing borders with the development of a new MOOC

Even though you can’t see the borders between countries, they do create a lot of problems with, for example, emergency services, health care, public transportation and so on. The faculty of BMS has joined forces with TELT to develop a (free) open online course about cross border governance. The new course addresses the what, why and how questions and provides an overview of instruments that can help us solve real-life cross border obstacles. The MOOC is expected to be launched around the beginning of the new academic year in 2020.

Exchanging experiences about Explain Everything

We are happy to see that more and more teachers are using Explain Everything (together with a tablet or iPad) to enhance their education. If you don’t know this tool yet; Explain Everything is an interactive whiteboard application that can be used to create instructive videos or to present during lectures. On November 29th, TELT organized a meeting for both new and more experienced users, to share their practices with Explain Everything.

Providing more peer feedback with less effort

Do you want students to be engaged in critical reflection? Do you want students to have a deeper understanding of the learned content? With digital peer feedback tools, these goals can be achieved without much additional effort. Recently SURF has started the acceleration plan for educational innovation with ICT to optimize opportunities for the use of digital tools in education. Peergrade was chosen as the digital tool to facilitate peer feedback, and we're currently running a pilot with it at the UT. The TELT-team closely cooperates with the local SURF coordinators in this pilot. If you would like to know more, you can contact Marieke van Geel (local coordinator SURF acceleration plan) or Marloes Luttikhuis (educational advisor at the TELT-team).