Prof.dr. Ioannis Sechopoulos

aiREAD – Accurate and Intelligent Reading for EArlier breast cancer Detection
BREAST4D - 4D Breast Imaging for Personalized Breast Cancer Treatment

aiREAD will improve how radiologists read breast cancer screening mammograms together with computers by developing and using new artificial intelligence methods and advancing our knowledge on human visual perception of medical images.

BREAST4D involves the creation of a new breast imaging system that will be able to distinguish between various areas within a tumor so that they can each be treated directly via a tailor-made treatment plan.

Use of x-ray based imaging throughout the entire breast cancer care chain to ensure early detection and diagnosis and to personalize treatment, to maximize the chances of a successful outcome while minimizing morbidity.

Prof.dr. Ioannis Sechopoulos


prof.dr. I. Sechopoulos (Ioannis)
Professor of Advanced X-ray Imaging Systems