A closer look at digitization in healthcare

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(Report commissioned by VWS - MEVA)

Digitization is more than the use of technology, it is mainly about a different way of working and that requires vision, guts and direction. Especially now that AI and data-driven healthcare are on the rise, government needs direction, vision and a review of the financing of data-driven healthcare. Legislation and regulations also need to be amended for effective data exchange and data utilization in healthcare.

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (department of MEVA) commissioned research into what is needed to implement technology in healthcare and what the role of the government and partners (ZINNL, ZN, etc.) should be to accelerate digitization. The report and appendices are public and can also be found at PURE. All below publications are only available in Dutch.

  1. Report
  2. Management summary
  3. Recommendations
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  5. Literature review