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Our partners and stakeholders are welcome to approach us with all kinds of questions regarding eHealth. These include requests to develop a vision of current and future developments in specific fields. Companies also approach us to future-proof their strategies, products and solutions. Our research programme acts as an innovation hub by connecting the knowledge and expertise within the University of Twente to the questions of the partner or stakeholder.

Our university has all the required disciplines, such as biomedical engineering, computer science and behavioral science, as well as a strong track record in design to create innovative personalized eHealth services. We also have an advanced infrastructure, such as the DesignLab and the eHealth House. There is a substantial and growing collaboration with two major hospitals, Medisch Spectrum Twente and Ziekenhuisgroep Twente, and the major care institutes in the region, substantially facilitating demonstration and evaluation studies as well as paving the way to sustainable implementation.


The Twente-region has earned the three-star status in the European Innovation Partnership for Active and Healthy Ageing, which reflects that the region has the knowledge and experience to develop and implement healthcare innovations for primary and secondary prevention.

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