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It becomes more and more evident that the current approach to healthcare is not sustainable, especially when considering the increasing volume and demands of chronic diseases, requiring a rethinking of strategies towards innovative solutions. The use of Information and Communication Technologies in healthcare – eHealth – is a promising strategy to improve healthcare worldwide.

Biological (e.g. genetic pre-disposition), behavioral (e.g. lifestyles) and environmental (e.g. physical and social context) factors influence the surge and progression of chronic diseases. eHealth also allows to target this challenge of diversity, for example, by providing personalized solutions adaptable to each user, and also to changes over time. Every individual, dealing with any specific condition presents a distinctly unique case, highlighting the need for Personalized eHealth Technology.

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It is our mission to use the advances in technology to create innovative personalized eHealth services that substantially contribute to a sustainable, efficient and effective healthcare for all citizens, especially for those with chronic conditions. The University of Twente is especially suited to realise this mission, due to its unique ecosystem.

The PeHT programme has been completed in 2023. One of the results of the PeHT programma, is the eCMC (expertiseCentre for remote Monitoring & Coaching). 
The eCMC connects science, business and healthcare, strengthening the expertises of these parties, with the aim of accelerating RPM innovation.

We aim to be THE centre for eHealth Technology in the Netherlands and one of the major centres in Europe, covering the whole translational chain from development towards contributing to sustainable implementation in daily care.

Fast Forward Innovation in Remote Patient Management (RPM).