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Key enabling technologies for personalized medicine

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Strategic Impulse Program 

Predictive, Preventive, Personalized, and Participatory medicine, or Personalized Medicine, in short, is that specific stream in medicine that considers each patient’s unique characteristics leading to a targeted health and care approach specific to the individual person. But while the term “medicine” indicates that this form of healthcare is only related to drugs, personalized medicine also sees a technological drive and will induce a transformation of how health and well-being are approached, and medicine is being implemented. With the broadening of Personalized Medicine, many new possibilities are opening up, that should be tackled, and the full potential of the use of new technologies for Personalized Medicine should be unlocked. 

The TechMed Centre plays a growing role in this domain and is advancing to become a global expert on the technologies for the support of Personalized Medicine. The “Key Enabling Technologies for Personalized Medicine” Strategic Impulse Program is developed to support this process and to allow areas of research to be approached from a personalized medicine perspective, and to provide a platform to shape and grow these fields of expertise. As such this program aims to stimulate translational and clinical research into personalized health care, facilitate the incorporation of this research into patient care, and educate and advocate for the practice of personalized health care, to transform health care by accelerating the research in the clinical setting to improve patient care. 

Different thematic pillars form the core of the program. The different pillars not only cover specific disease domains but also cover the different phases of the health and care process. The current pillars are:  

The program will aid new approaches and methodologies that can pave the way to next-generation healthcare, especially the sustainable implementation of key enabling technologies next to pharmaceutical solutions. The program will provide health and care solutions for everyone, and as such develop technologies for the full spectrum, covering all aspects of care, from prevention and prediction and cure and care, fitting with the current focus of the TechMed Centre. Essential is the collaboration with and embedding of external initiatives, in science, society, policy and industry. As such, the different pillars of the program collaborate with partners such as patient federations, patient advocacy groups, health care funds, industrial federations and policy groups. This aims to ensure that all stakeholders are optimally equipped and trained to use and implement new key enabling technologies.


Below you will find an overview of the current pillar from the strategic impulse programs of the TechMed Centre. More information about the content of the individual programs can be found on the websites of the specific programs. 


Would you like to know more about the Key Enabling Technologies for Personalized Medicine program? Or do you have comments or inquiries? Please contact us. 

dr. J.T. Tamsma (Jouke)
Medical Director TechMed Centre
dr. A.H. Jonker (Anneliene)
Rare diseases researcher