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PARTNR project - UT will tackle fatigue in breast cancer


Miriam Vollenbroek is the project leader of PARTNR, the ‘Personalized cancer treatment and care platform’. This project is taking a data-driven approach to fatigue in breast cancer, using self-learning software to improve the quality of life in women with breast cancer. By combining these patients’ medical data with data on their day-to-day functioning, appropriate recommendations can be made to better treat their cancer-related fatigue. Miriam Vollenbroek and Dr. Annemieke Witteveen are working with Professor Hermie Hermens and Professor Sabine Siesling to coordinate the various parts of the project, which involves other research groups within the Personalised eHealth Technology research programme at the UT as well as external parties: the Twente Hospital Group, UMC Groningen, UMC Utrecht, the Roessingh rehabilitation centre, the IKNL, and the Helen Dowling Institute (HDI), as well as the Ivido, Evidencio, and Roessingh Research and Development (RRD) companies. 

See also the interview with Annemieke Witteveen in the Tubantia (in Dutch):

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Foto © Reinier van Willigen