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Diabetes Data Doctor

  • e-Manager

    Over 5.3 million people in the Netherlands have a chronic disease. Chronic diseases have a high impact on the quality of life but also on healthcare costs. Innovative technologies that focus on self-management of chronic diseases are needed more than ever before. For this reason, this project focuses on the development, implementation and evaluation of the E-manager Chronic Diseases. This e-manager integrates various existing e-coaching apps for patients with COPD, asthma and diabetes mellitus type 2 (DM2) and helps patients and healthcare professionals during consultations easily to measure and visualize the burden of disease, and to set personalized goals that fully fit the patients’ needs. In addition, it motivates and helps patients in everyday life to pursue these goals by providing tailored e-coaching that ties in with the patients’ behavioral state, character and abilities.

    Funding: ZonMW

    Contact person

    prof.dr. M.M.R. Hutten (Miriam)
  • EDIC: Exceptional and Deep Intelligent Coach

    In the EDIC project we bring together in expertise in data mining, telemedicine, e-coaching, behavioral sciences and domain expertise in chronically ill patients, to develop a novel data-driven artificial coaching platform. We focus on studying two novel methodologies: (1) informed and interpretable complex event detection and model adaptation on heterogeneous and noisy data streams capturing patient’s medical condition, lifestyle and behavior, and (2) data-driven personalized coaching based on modeling and causal inference from these data streams. The developed techniques will allow to (1) discover the root causes for individual (un)healthy behavious, (2) measure the effectiveness of automatic behavior change strategies and (3) develop personalized holistic coaching strategies and anticipatory coaching interventions. In this project we count with the collaboration of two Dutch universities (University of Twente and Technical University of Eindhoven), one hospital (Ziekehuisgroep Twente) and three companies (Philips, Holst and Roessingh Research and Development).

    Funding: COMMIT/program (Data2Person call) 

    Contact person H.J. Hermens (Hermie)
    Emeritus Hoogleraar
  • Power4FitFoot Diabetes: How big data can be used to support informed and proactive decision making

    Power4FitFoot aims to support cardiovascular patients with diabetic foot. Power4FitFoot follows a multidisciplinary development approach: researchers (medicine, computer and behavioural sciences) work together with patients, caregivers and industrial companies to develop personalized self-management products and services to prevent Diabetic Foot Ulcers or amputations. Real-time sensor data analytics and big data are the key ingredients in our approach. The result will be an early warning system on risk detection of deterioration, with feedback and coaching. 

    Contact person

    prof.dr. J.E.W.C. van Gemert - Pijnen PhD (Lisette)
    Full Professor Persuasive Health Technology

Personalized eHealth for Rehabilitation

  • RePlay: Interactive playground and smart coaching for children in physical rehabilitation

    The RE-play project combines medical and technical expertise in the development of a system that supports physical (re)conditioning among children with Cerebral Palsy or Developmental Coordination Disorder through mobile sensing and gamified environments. The RePlay system is designed to promote physical activity by engaging children in a fun and exciting game, setting personalized physical activity goals based on the individual physical condition, and promoting a fair competition among children engaged in a physical rehabilitation trajectory. The RePlay project is a collaboration between healthcare professionals (Roessingh Center for Rehabilitation) and researchers in the fields of biomedical signals and human computer interaction. The RePlay project builds upon the results of AIRplay, a similar system targeting children with asthma, available in the Medische Spectrum Twente. 

    Contact person M. Tabak (Monique)
    Full Professor

Virtual coaching for prevention

  • Council of Coaches: A novel holistic behavior change coaching approach

    Council of Coaches introduces a radically new virtual coaching concept based on multiple autonomous, embodied virtual coaches, which form together a personal council that fulfils the needs of older adults in an integrated way. Each Coach has his own expertise, personality and style of coaching for your healthy lifestyle support.

    Funding: H2020

    Contact person

    Dr. Harm op den Akker
    Senior researcher
  • Pride and Prejudice: tackling chronic disease prevention through real-life monitoring and context-aware intervention design

    Inactivity and poor dietary behaviour are both affected by an interaction of personal (e.g., attitudes), social (eating and being physically active are often social activities), cultural and societal (e.g., (un)healthy food availability, built environment) conditions. The most successful endeavours to change people’s behaviour have combined interventions in multiple environments (at home, at school, at sports club) and have focused on groups rather than on individuals. In this program Sensor systems are developed and combined with questionnaire instruments to assess people’s behaviour. This information is processed and used as input for designing behavioural interventions that also address these different levels. In their turn, the effectiveness of the interventions is evaluated using repeated assessments. The sensor systems, behavioural assessments, and designed interventions may vary in the levels they engage.

    Funding: 4TU initiative

    Contact person G.D.S. Ludden (Geke)
    Full Professor