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Digital tour of TechMed Centre and health labs at UT

Step into the exciting world of education, innovation and research with our updated and expanded digital tour of the TechMed Centre of the University of Twente and its associated labs on campus! Why is it so exciting to visit these Health labs and the TechMed Centre? Here, you'll discover the contributions various laboratories and spaces make to enhancing healthcare. Boundaries are pushed, and future technologies are developed to improve healthcare.

Pay an online visit to the following Labs affiliated with the TechMed Centre: 

  • In the BMS Lab, you can immerse yourself in a range of physiological sensor systems, from GSR to EEG, and participate in cutting-edge research in the Situation Room, the Serious Gaming Lab, the XR lab and the Experivan.
  • At the BioImaging Centre, discover the stunning world of advanced light microscopy, where state-of-the-art commercial microscopes and innovative research converge.
  • The RAM Lab offers a glimpse into the future of robotics and mechatronics, with various robotic setups for various applications, from basic configurations to humanoid walking robots.
  • The Rapid Prototyping Lab combines speed with quality, allowing researchers and students to create high-quality prototypes at affordable prices and with fast delivery times.
  • Step inside the Surgical Robotics Lab and see how technology is being used to improve complex surgical procedures, with a team of engineers, clinicians and industry partners collaborating on breakthrough solutions.
  • Discover in the Wearable Robotics Lab the power of wearable robots, from exoskeletons to bionic prosthetics, where researchers and partners work together to shape the future of human mobility.

Of course, the TechMed Centre itself remains digitally and virtually accessible. Enter the simulation centre with operating rooms, intensive care spaces, medical imaging labs, and the photoacoustic lab. Be sure to explore the eHealth-House and all educational spaces as well.

Ready to explore the future of health technology? Dive into our digital tour and be inspired by innovation and progress at the TechMed Centre and the UT campus!

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