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Heleen Miedema receives Erepenning

Heleen Miedema received the University of Twente's Medal of Honour on her retirement. It was presented to her during the farewell symposium, which was held on Friday, 22 September.

Miedema received the Erepenning, an honour that is only rarely given, for her great achievements for the university, in particular for education and research in the field of healthcare and technology. For instance, she was instrumental in the cradle of the Technical Medicine programme in 2003 and, in 2018, she ensured that graduates of the programme could obtain a BIG registration, allowing them to perform medical acts independently.

From the Technical Medicine programme, Heleen co-founded the TechMed Simulation Centre. Initially for teaching students, this has since grown into a hub for research and innovation projects with the medical industry, and its role as a training centre for healthcare professionals is also becoming increasingly important.

In the latest edition of our Campus Magazine, Heleen reflects on her career.

L.P.W. van der Velde MSc (Laurens)
Spokesperson Executive Board (EB)