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Ten new members for The Young Academy Including Jeroen Leijten, biomedical technology, University of Twente

The Young Academy is gearing up to welcome ten new members! They are researchers from a range of disciplines who have proven themselves in the world of science, and who were awarded their PhD less than ten years ago. They will be officially installed as members on 23 March 2021. During their five year membership, they will promote projects in the fields of science, science policy and science communication. Dr Jeroen Leijten, of the University of Twente’s BiomedicalTechnology department, is among the Academy's new members.

Dr Jeroen Leijten (Biomedical Technology, Universityof Twente)

At the University of Twente, bio-engineer JeroenLeijten is working on new ways to improve the functioning of natural and cultured organs. He develops methods, strategies and materials to recreate the natural structures found in our living tissues. In doing so, he looks for synergistic interactions between cell biology, biomaterials science and microtechnology. As a member of The Young Academy, Leijten wants to advocate anew balance in scientific funding policy geared towards encouraging curiosity-driven research.

The other new members are

Dr Marjolijn Bol (Art History, Utrecht University)
Dr Shari Boodts (History, Radboud University)
Dr Eddie Brummelman (Pedagogy, University of Amsterdam)
Dr Sanli Faez (Physics, Nanotechnology, Utrecht University)
Prof. Carolien van Ham (Political Science, Radboud University)
Dr Chiel van Heerwaarden (Meteorology, Wageningen University & Research)
Dr Lizza Hendriks (Medicine, Maastricht UMC+/Maastricht University)
Dr Cynthia Liem (Artificial Intelligence, Delft University of Technology)
Prof. Michel Vols (Law, University of Groningen)

About the Young Academy

The Young Academy is an adynamic and innovative group of scientists and scholars with outspoken views about science and scholarship and the related policy. The Young Academy organises inspiring activities for various target groups focusing on interdisciplinarity, science policy, and the interface between science and society. The Young Academy has fifty members. All received their doctorates less than ten years before their appointment to the Academy.  They represent a broad spectrum of scientific and scholarly disciplines and work at Dutch universities and a wide range of research institutes. Their membership lasts five years, with ten members leaving and joining each year. The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and sciences set up the Young Academy in 2005.

Source: The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)

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