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TechMed series: bring your medical innovations to the next level

Do you have a great idea for the next medical innovation but are you unsure how to change your idea into a product? The TechMed series ‘Remove the Barriers to Market Readiness’ will help you to bring your medical innovations closer to a successful market introduction. The workshops are a joint effort of the UT TechMed Centre and the companies Holland Innovative, Panton and Unitron.

The TechMed series ‘Remove the barriers to market readiness’ is a one-year-course of workshops for (future) entrepreneurs and scientists in medical technology. The series covers the most important, but also most challenging topics required for the development and production of a safe, reliable and useful medical device.

In 8 sessions, taking place every month on an afternoon, you will discuss different cases on the road to market readiness. During the sessions, you are encouraged to bring your own case into the discussion. It is possible to attend the complete course or separate sessions.

Bring your idea a Technology Readiness Level further

Wander Kenter, programme coordinator Health Technology Implementation at the TechMed Centre and organizer of the workshop series explains:  “It is the aim of the TechMed series to bring your medical innovation a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) further. Through the workshop series, your idea can get a step closer to a successful market introduction.. In the previous series, one of the innovations made it from proof of concept (TRL 4) to a working prototype that was demonstrated in a relevant environment (TRL 6).

That innovation was the development of a new imaging and diagnostic application: with magnetic detection, lymph nodes can easily be detected. This could be very valuable for taking biopsies. Kenter: “The researchers, entrepreneurs and the partners of the workshop series started a new project and further developed the innovation together.”

Remove the Barriers to Market Readiness

When you have a great idea you are often so focused on researching it further, you may lose track of all the work to get your idea to the market. The workshops will help you remove the barriers and get your idea closer to a successful market introduction. Join now and bring your medical innovation a TRL further!

Register for one or more of the sessions on the website or contact Wander Kenter to learn more about the workshop series.

W. Kenter MSc (Wander)
Programme Manager - Health Technology Implementation