There is a maximum of 15 students per quartile. Registration via the regular minor procedure (first come, first served). There is a waitinglist. 

Finding an internship

Most students are reaching out to TalentIT for their internship. TalentIT Twente is new, but at the same time has a lot of knowledge and experience. It did not arise by itself. TalentIT Twente is an initiative from the Twente business community and education. A widely supported initiative with only one goal: retaining talent in Twente and thereby raising the region to an even higher level. 

The Canvas website EEMCS Internships contains an excel file with companies and institutes that have internships available. On top of that, you can find a large number of experience reports from students who have already completed their internship with one of these companies, and many more links and documents that could come in handy that cannot be found on this website. The self-enrolment link to the Canvas website can be found here. You can contact the Internship office for help too. 


To register for a minor through Osiris one should follow the following procedure:

  • Log in at Osiris as you normally do
  • Choose the option Register (in the menu bar on top)
  • Choose the tab Register
  • Click on the link Minor
  • Find the minor you wish to enrol for using the search function or click on the arrow next to the drop-down list to select the faculty that offers the minor or do nothing to see all minors
  • Click Next (on the top or bottom of the page)
  • Select the minor of your choosing (please note that unfortuately it is also possible to see minors for which you cannot enrol)
  • Click Enrol (on the top or bottom of the page)

Unless you receive the message that you do not meet the entry requirements, you have been successfully enrolled administratively for the minor you have selected and will receive a confirmation e-mail. Administrative registration does not guarantee participation in the minor(s); it still needs to be checked if you meet the entry requirements of your study programme. You can find if your minor has been approved or rejected in the Study progress review tab. The time at which this happens depends on the reference date set by your study programme for checking the admissibility for minors. 

When you are on the waiting list, you will be contacted by the programme management when there is a spot open. 

Mobility Online

All internships must be registered in Mobility Online.

Please register your internship in Mobility Online. You need to register before starting your internship. After registration, please use the Login-link  to login in order to change details of your application.

By following the action link Fill out proposal form you will get to the Proposal form. In order to fill in this form, you will have to click on ‘Edit’ button (you will probably have to scroll down to get to this button). After clicking the text will change to ‘Update’.

The two sections of the application form are:

1. Stay details. If applicable, you can change your dates now!

2. Proposal form. In this section you have to fill in your UT supervisor, the company (not TalentIT) (in the system this is called ‘the organisation’), contact person within the organisation. external supervisor, title and content of the assignment and the course code of your internship. The course code for the TCS internship is 201700342. The deadline for submitting your proposal form is the first Friday of your internship period. 

Click on ‘Update’ to submit the form. After that, click on ’Cancel’ to go back to your workflow. Note that several aspects of the Proposal form can still be changed after you have started your internship, if neccessary.

If you have any questions regarding registration in Osiris or Mobility Online, please send an email to 

Learning agreement

When you have found a company to do your internship at, a student is responsible for a signed learning agreement. A learning agreement is always required between a student and the company. A standard format (approved by our corporate lawyers) of an internship agreement can be found here. It is recommended to use this agreement.

In some cases, the company will offer an agreement. You can discuss the agreement with the programme coordinator for advice, before signing. The Managing Director of the EEMCS faculty signs this agreement as a representative of the University. 

Organizations offer compensation for internship related costs, others don not. It is important to ask the company about this, so it can be filled out in the learning agreement.